Explore Phu Quoc Island

Explore Phu Quoc Island

Welcome to the “heart” shaped island of Vietnam! This island is accessible in providing impressive white sand beaches, excellent hospitality, and high-end accommodation. The Phu Quoc Island is not only popular because of its shape, but it’s also known as the “pearl” island of Vietnam. Aside from its excellent accommodation choices – from small yet clean bungalows to luxurious resorts rated with five stars, the island has the fifth largest international airport in Vietnam; this allows the tourists from other foreign countries to witness the beauty of Phu Quoc without any hassle.

Explore Phu Quoc Island

The Phu Quoc Island performs many travel activities that entertain the visitors. Activities like scuba diving, hiking, sightseeing, and snorkeling are the main events that gather more tourists. Aside from that, the island has also a huge amusement park for kids and safari zoo for kids, and golf courses for people that love to play golf. The Phu Quoc Island is not only famous because of its beautiful beaches and other tourist’s destination, but also because of its historic places. Your vacation in this island won’t be worth it if you don’t visit the island’s historic prisons and witness the oldness of the sacred temples. These places had been created thousand years ago and a lot of scenarios that already happened in there. The island also has a natural park for trekking and a perfect place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. With the greatness and beauty of this island, the Phu Quoc is undeniably the most worth to visit destination in Vietnam.

For emergency purposes like some accidents, it has an international standard hospital and a port for an international cruise ship. You have no visa? No need to worry! This island is designated as “exclusive economic zone” which allows tourists to stay in the island for up to 30 days with visa-free policy. Choose a tour explore snorkeling, swimming, traditional, fish sauce…here https://vietfuntravel.com/phu-quoc-tours

The island possesses in natural and cultural treasures that can be found anywhere in the isle. For you to enjoy your vacation in Phu Quoc Island here’s the five things that you MUST do to make it all worth it. These five tips are the things that you must not miss or else, you’ll going to regret it.

  1. Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset

One of the things that make the Phu Quoc popular is because of its spectacular sunset. If you were on the island, make sure to witness the greatness of the ocean sunset even once. The high spots are anywhere along on the long beach, the cliff beside the Dinh Cau Temple and sitting on a small boat while in the middle of the ocean.

  1. Chilling at the Beach

After witnessing the beauty of the Island’s ocean sunset, don’t forget to have a dinner in Bach Dang night market. Some restaurants serve fresh seafood for the visitors. Aside from its delicious dishes, this night market is also a good place for shopping and drinking. What makes this night market as one of the best places, it is set a long beach which makes you feel relaxing.

  1. Visit the Fish Sauce Factory

Aside from the beauty and greatness of the Island, the Phu Quoc is also popular as the best makers of fish sauce. The fish sauce that they make is very expensive, but if you visit the factory, you can taste a sample for free.

  1. Enjoy the Sao Beach

Imagine yourself lying down on the white soft sand, swimming in a warm crystal clear water and gentle breeze air that embraces your entire body. Amazing, right? If you want to experience all those stuff, don’t miss to visit the Sao Beach. It’s one of the greatest beach resorts in Phu Quoc Island. Most tourists were always heading straight to the beach resorts because of the rumors that its beauty is very stunning, which is true.

  1. Travel the Island using a Motorbike

Before heading to your home, at least take a time to roam the entire island and capture every moment with most beautiful places. The roads are very smooth, and I swear you won’t experience any traffic. Traveling around the island will help you to discover a unique ecosystem that you haven’t seen before.

Overall, the Phu Quoc is a unique place which is perfect for people who seeks for comfort and peace. If you’re looking for a place that you want to spend and enjoy it with your family, come and visit the pearl island of Vietnam. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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