What Should You Do If You Want To Have Baby Soft Clothes?

What Should You Do If You Want To Have Baby Soft Clothes?

Washing baby clothes

A friend recently asked me how to me they are the best the baby clothes to wash. Which baby laundry detergent is the best? Which baby clothes ironing and ironing you what you do? My response was that you wash baby clothes in the way you always wash. With a family of five goes at me everything in heaps by color together. And ironing? Only shirts hubby go under the bolt further is drying everything neatly on hangers or when the dryer is ready immediately folded tightly. But apparently it is now recommended to use a pH neutral (odorless) detergent for washing baby clothes.

New baby clothes have to be washed before!

Best Baby Laundry Detergents

It is very important for new baby clothes, bedding, blankets, cuddly toys etc. Always wash first. There certain substances and chemicals are used in factories which are harmful for the delicate baby skin. In addition, all new baby clothing also goes by “foreign” hands are full of bacteria.

Washing instruction

Little ones have a sensitive and delicate skin. So you have to be careful that the contact of their garments with the skin, do not irritate the skin. These are some common laundry tips for 100% soft and clean baby clothes that respect the skin.

  1. Choose a best baby detergent marked “hypoallergenic” who respect the delicate skin of your baby yet thorough washing, like the products of Le Chat. Le Chat has products for washing children’s clothes that have been tested under the supervision of pediatricians.
  2. Stop was not too much into the machine and not pressure. The wax will be better washed and rinsed: all of the detergent is removed from the textile fibers.
  3. It is better to choose a short program because it has a shorter rinse cycle for a good rinse.
  4. Use the laundry in function of the amount of dose required on the packaging detergent. The wax will not be cleaner with detergent!
  5. Do not use strong detergent: it is not good for the delicate skin of children. If the clothes are very dirty, for example, a bib with chocolate stains, they can better immerse in water, and centrifugation before washing. You can simultaneously soak several clothes.
  6. Fact: washing powder was better for very dirty. Liquid detergents are perfect for colored or not very dirty clothes.
  7. New clothes? Was she for attracting them. Not only because they have passed through many hands, but also because they contain residues of hazardous substances that can irritate baby’s skin.
  8. Use a hypoallergenic fabric softener by coating the textile fibers improves comfort and prevents your baby’s skin is irritated by the friction of the raw fabric.
  9. In addition, a fabric softener to soften the fabric and prevents that dirt can penetrate into the fibers. Additional benefit for more comfort and beauty.
  10. Dry the outside was not at risk of pollen allergy (usually between April and July).
  11. Make sure that the wax is dry before you put them in the closet.

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