Golf swing analyzer buying guide

Golf swing analyzer buying guide

With the invention of new innovative technologies, many new tools/ devices are introduced to help golfers improve their performances. Golf swing analyzer is one of the most effective one.It could provide golfers with elaborate analysis of their swing. However, golf swing analyzer seems to be a complicated device and it’s hard to choose the good and helpful one. Basically, there are 8 factors that you shouldn’t neglect when buying a golf swing analyzer.



Since golf swing analyzer would give you comprehensive information of your swing, it needs a considerable amount of data storage. Therefore, a golf swing tracker with bigger data storage would be better for any golfer.


The way data displayed is also important because it affects how much information could be transferred to golfers. If you are a golfer at entry level, data from golf swing analyzer should be presented in a clear and simple way that you could understand easily. It would be a waste to buy a device if you couldn’t understand the information which it provides.


No matter what you are buying, price is always an influential factor. Normally, a golf swing analyzer would cost your around 120 – 200 USD, it’s not a small amount. Therefore, you should carefully consider your requirements and your budget to decide which swing analyzer is worth your money and suitable to you.

Ease of use

Nowadays, golf swing analyzer makers have added many features in their products. Of course, it would bring more benefits to golfer but on the other hand, it makes golf swing analyzer more complicated to use. It would be a big problem if you face difficulty in controlling all of its features properly. Hence, you should check if the device is easy to use and if there are many automatic features or not before buying.


Feature is always selling point of a golf support device. The main feature of a golf swing analyzer is giving analyses of your swing. The fundamental information which a golf swing analyzer should be able to offer includes swing speed, tempo, hitches, and swing path. It would be helpful if the device could keep track and record of information because you could figure out a way to improve your swing based on that record. There might be other features but it’s recommended to choose golf swing analyzer with enough features that can meet your demands. Excessive features only cause confusion and inefficiency.

Smart phone Compatibility

SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer
SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer

Normally, golf swing analyzer will sync with smartphone or smart mobile device and transfer data into that device. Some swing analyzers are only compatible with iOS or Android only. Therefore, you should check if the swing analyzer is compatible with your phone/tablet or not.

Customer Review

There are many things about a golf swing analyzer which you can’t know even if you try it before purchasing. Hence, referring to other customers’ opinions and reviews is always helpful to have wiser choice.

Other specifications

There are some other specifications that we should take into consideration such as weight, attachment option, shape…  A golf swing analyzer will be attached to the golf club or even golf gloves. A heavy device fastened to the club can adversely affect your swing. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose light golf swing analyzer which could bring convenience and comfort when using.

There are several factors to think of before buy a golf swing analyzer. Nevertheless, there is an ultimate rule, the more information you get, the more research you do, the better decision you could get.

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